a·corn (n.): the fruit of the oak, a smooth oval nut in a rough cup-like base. The acorn also is valued in a symbolic way... the potential within people and their ideas. The mighty oak, which grows to an old age of hundreds of years, passing through all the frosts and droughts and adverse conditions symbolizing greatness and perseverance through trials and hardships, arises from a little acorn. [New World Encyclopedia]

ap·er·ture (n.): an opening, hole, or gap; a space through which light passes in an optical or photographic instrument.

Here we nurture stories, focusing on the light.

​Each session I provide focuses on the natural details that make each one of you unique. ​ I want to commemorate your quirky and your calm, your messy and your elegant, the bounty of your greatest joys and the ashes of your deepest sorrows. I want to capture your you and your most authentic self. I want each session to be as unique as the story it captures - your traditions, your love, your candid moments and raw emotions. 

Our style focuses on providing our clients with small prompts and activities while allowing human instinct and interaction to take over, capturing life in its most honest and truest form. We provide a generous mixture of prompted, posed and interactive images, capturing light and life in true authenticity.

I want to capture your story.

Hi, I am Olivia -

Journalist and creative writing major by degree, social worker by day, daydreamer, poet, by night, and wife, furmom, coffee addict, and photographer by fate. ​​​

I believe memories are the embodiment of our spirit and photographs are the vessel. They are what are left when we leave this here and now. They become our legacy.

I live for symbolism, sunshine, squirrel stories, and adventures with my wonderful husband and my four-pawed little loves: Gracie, Mocha, Nilla, and Eclipse. 

I believe at the end of the day, our photographs will tell our stories, so I focus on providing my clients with the tangible substance of happiness - the evidence of a life well-lived, and memories to cling to when the nostalgia sets in. 

Brooke | Fairport, New York

1 / 5

"Olivia is fabulous! We had an amazing experience with her for our engagement session. We loved how she had visuals for us for posing to help us out. Olivia was very personable and friendly during the session, which helped us to feel natural in front of the camera. We loved the venue she picked out, Frederick Farms, as well! Super quick too, three outfit changes, all done in about an hour. Super fast return rate. Overall, would highly recommend and we will be back for future family photos and other sessions"

1 / 5